Products We Love

Pool Netr

Pool Netr – stainless steel screen (left)
Leaf Netr – replaceable fine mesh net (right)

Pool Netr is a family business that makes heavy duty pool nets. Unlike most pool nets, these are built to last. They come with a lifetime warranty on the frames, and the nets are replaceable. The Leaf Netr with fine mesh net is our favorite because it scoops up all of the fine sediment and leaves that collect on the bottom of the tank.

Leaf Netr with fine mesh net

Life Saver Fence

Even though our pools are only 2ft deep, they still pose a significant drowning risk. Please consider implementing many layers of protection including a secure fence around your pool. Give Jason a call at Life Saver Pool Fence of the Hill Country – (979) 373 – 1881

Pool Fence Hill Country

Cynch Propane Delivery

Cynch is a propane delivery service that delivers propane cans right to your door. We love that you can set up weekly/biweekly/monthly deliveries so that you don’t have to schlep your empty cans to the nearest exchange location. Use our code for a $15 propane can exchange!

Here are some Amazon finds that STP owners are loving!

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Clearlight Infrared Sauna

Superior immune-boosting, low EMF Infrared Saunas are the perfect way to follow up a cold plunge in your stock tank pool. We are so excited and grateful to be an official affiliate for Clearlight. Use this link and mention us to get up to $500 off. Email us about our installation services!