Our Stock Tank Pools

The beauty is in the details.

We’ve scrutinized every detail and use the highest quality materials available. Most of our parts are made here in the USA supporting jobs around our country. We are sticklers about water quality and avoiding toxic materials. Our priorities are safety, longevity, and efficiency.

8’ Pool in South Austin

Our Tanks:

We are proud to be an authorized Hastings dealer, and we exclusively sell their black label, premium galvanized tanks. We have worked with every tank manufacturer and none compare to the Hastings Black Label. They are fully twenty gauge G90 galvanized steel unlike other manufacturers who use a lighter gauge on the side walls and or lower quality galvanization. They also do a better job of sealing their tanks and are able to do so without a stripe on the floor or sidewall.

We also carry the Hastings poly tanks. This is the most rugged stock tank on the market. The poly tanks are made of 100 percent high density virgin polyethylene so these tanks will never rust or corrode. If longevity is your priority, go with the poly!

Galvanized tank (left) vs Poly tank (right)

All our galvanized tanks are 2 feet deep and measured by diameter. We carry sizes 6-11′ foot in the galvanized tanks. We carry sizes 6, 8, and 10 foot in the poly tanks. The 10 foot poly tank is unique because of it’s extra depth – it is 28 inches deep! We can source a variety of other sizes, so reach out if you’re looking for something specific!

We take every possible measure to protect these tanks when delivered to our warehouse and then to its final home. They rest comfortable in humidity controlled warehouses on USA made artificial turf. We also use turf in the transport and delivery process to keep them as pristine as possible.

Our Pumps:

We are proud to offer the Waterway TWM 3/4 HP pool and spa sand filter. It is quiet, reliable, energy efficient, and made in the USA! It is also rated for spa temps up to 104.

You asked, we listened! Starting in April 2023, we will be offering the 12” Intex sand filter pump. This is the first pump we offered back in 2020. It boasts a smaller footprint, shorter pump height (below tank), quiet, and has a 2 year warranty.

Our Filter Media:

We use recycled glass media in our filters instead of sand. It is naturally antimicrobial and can last 15 years without needing to be replaced. The glass also can trap down to 5 micron particles which outperforms sand, DE, and even cartridges!

Our Heaters:

We offer the Camplux 10L and 20L propane water heaters. We add a stainless steel outlet and hot- water safe polyurethane hosing. These heaters are originally intended for RV campers and homes, but do a really great job heating stock tank pools!

Check out some of the pools we’ve installed lately!