Our Pools

The beauty is in the details.

We’ve scrutinized every detail and use the highest quality materials available. Most of our parts are made here in the USA supporting jobs around our country. We are sticklers about water quality and avoiding toxic materials. Our priorities are safety, longevity, and efficiency.

Our Tanks:

8’ Pool in South Austin

We are proud to be an authorized Hastings dealer, and our tanks are exclusively their black label, premium galvanized tanks. All galvanized tanks are 2 feet deep and measured by diameter. Many sizes are available including 6-11′ round. We can source a variety of other sizes, so reach out if you’re looking for something specific!

Our Pump:

We are proud to offer the Waterway TWM 1/2 HP pool and spa sand filter. It is quiet, reliable, energy efficient, and made in the USA!

Our Filter Media:

We use recycled glass media instead of sand. It is naturally antimicrobial and can last longer than 10 years without needing to be replaced. It also requires less backwashing which means it’s low maintenance!

Our Water Treatment:

Many people seem to be very happy with their chlorine floaters, but we found chlorine to be harsh on our skin. Chlorine is also said to disrupt the gut biome and as parents, we know kids inevitably swallow the pool water. That is why we highly recommend trying this more gentle approach before switching to chlorine. We include 1 quart of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and test strips with every pool. It requires a bit more maintenance, but we will walk you through the simple process upon delivery. Oh, and water treated with hydrogen peroxide is actually GOOD for your plants and grass which means it can be recycled when it’s time to drain. It is safer for your thirsty pups too!

Here is a link with more info on H2O2 treatment


Our Heaters:

We offer the Camplux Pro 10L and 20L propane water heaters. We add a stainless steel outlet and hot- water safe polyurethane hosing. These heaters are originally intended for RV campers and homes, but do a really great job heating stock tank pools!

Check out some of the pools we’ve installed!