Terms and Conditions

Stock Tank Pools TX, LLC (StockTankLove.com) Disclaimer and Waiver of Responsibility


Stock tank pools, like all pools, present a inherent drowning risk. You are responsible for evaluating and determining if a stock tank pool is safe for you and your family. Use is at your own risk. We highly recommend secure covers, self-locking fences, pool alarms, and door alarms where possible. All pools require proper sanitation and care to maintain water quality. You are responsible for evaluating and maintaining your chosen treatment option for your safety and others. Diving or jumping may cause death, paralysis, or permanent injury.


You assume all responsibility for your stock tank pool, heating systems, treatment and all other supplies provided or installed by Stock Tank Pools TX, LLC (StockTank Love.com). By having us install your pool, or purchasing your tank or parts through us, you agree to hold Stock Tank Pools TX, LLC (StockTankLove.com) harmless from any loss, damage, injury, or death including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss, damage, injury, or death, or any loss, damage, injury, or death whatsoever arising from use of the site or your stock tank pool. This includes but is not limited to the use of stock tank pools, heating systems, treatment and filter pump systems. All stock tanks will eventually show signs of corrosion and rust. It is up to you to maintain your treatment levels in a way that preserves the integrity of the galvanized coating.


Stock Tank Pools TX, LLC (StockTankLove.com) offers a warranty for the setup and parts that we install for up to 30 days after installation. Within this time we will fix or replace any parts needed (Most small leaks are due to new installation expansion/contraction and usually can be corrected with minor tightening). After 30 days, site visits will be charged a service fee plus the cost of parts if applicable. Manufacturer warranties apply beyond 30 days. Waterway parts are typically installed by our team and require a service call, Intex can be a quick DIY with guidance from our team via call, text or  FaceTime. Pool & Heated pool customers – We are always available by call, text, or email to trouble shoot or assist with your setup. 


Waterway – 1 year Motor – 180 day plastic part – Contact us and we will initiate the repair or replacement.

Intex Р2 year motor Р180 day plastic part РContact us and we will itemize your invoice to intex’s standards and guide you to setting up the replacement shipment.

Intermatic timer – 1 year – Contact us and we will provide the replacement link & instructions.

Camplux – 1 year warranty with normal use but void if used as a pool heater. Most issues are quick repairs that can be fixed via diy or service call.

Hastings Tank – 5 year leak warranty with normal use but void if used as a pool. If a minor leak occurs upon installation we will repair per manufacturers specifications.

*These warranties do not include freeze damage