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Texas Stock Tank Pool Deposit

Reserve your pool by paying a 10% deposit. Prices below include delivery and full installation within 50 miles of Leander, Texas. Contact us for a quote if you are further. We currently deliver within 250 miles of Leander.

Lead times as of 11/17:

Austin area – 2-3 weeks

San Antonio – 2-4 weeks

Houston – 2-4 weeks

Dallas/Fort Worth – 2-4 weeks



  • Hastings black label stock tank(s) – sizes and pricing below
  • Intex sand filter (2 year warranty) or Waterway sand filter +$250 (More info below)
  • 40 lbs glass filter media are added to both filter choices. The highest quality media for better filtration and less maintenance than cartridges or sand. It is made from recycled bottle glass, lasts 15+ years, and filters down to 5 micron particles!
  • Chlorine starter kit with 50 test strips, a floater, and about 5 tablets. Hydrogen peroxide kit available for $55 (Includes 1 gallon 27% stabilized hydrogen peroxide, 100 test strips, and measuring cup)
  • Fine-silt net heavy-duty and made in USA
  • Garden hose filter with carbon and kdf to clean the water upon filling. It will last for at least 3 – 6 fills depending on pool size.
  • Shutoff valves for easy freeze protection and pump maintenance
  • Aeration included in both filters for more stabilized ph and clearer water
  • Floating thermometer
  • Delivery and full installation within 50 miles of Leander. Contact us for a quote if you are further away. We install within 250 miles!
  • Documents and videos to assist with pool maintenance.
  • Direct contact information to assist with any pool questions or needs. We are quick communicators and are always a call or text away.


Hastings Black Label Galvanized Steel – Round Sizes – 24″ deep – Industry-leading, full 20-gauge G90 galvanized tanks.

  • 6′ – $1750
  • 7′ – $1850
  • 8′ – $2000
  • 9′ – $2200
  • 10′- $2500


Hastings Black Label Round Poly Tanks – 24″ deep – heavy-duty, virgin polyethylene and are UV resistant. (See picture with lighted umbrella and deck). These are thick, grey plastic tanks that will never rust and have a nice sloped wall to sit up against. Perfect for anyone enclosing in a deck or with rock work.

  • 6′ – $1700
  • 8′ – $1900
  • 10′ – $2500 – (28″ deep) – out of stock until August


Combo – Hastings Galvanized with Hastings poly tank installed inside for longevity and natural insulation. Depending on the size of the galvanized tank, the poly lip will either go over the rim or be flush. Waterway upgrade is +$350 for the combo pool if a heater is desired.

  • 6′ – $2600
  • 8′ – $3300
  • 10′ – $4200 (28″ deep – the poly tank is slightly taller and will sit about 4″ above galvanized rim, see the last photo in the gallery above)


$40 check or Zelle discount applied to the final invoice upon installation.

Standard sales tax for your delivery location will be added to the deposit and final invoice

Deposit is refundable up to two weeks before delivery minus 5% to cover non refundable credit card fees.


What you’ll need:

  • Clear, unobstructed path to tank location
  • Level pad
  • Outlet within reach or heavy duty extension cord (The Intex has a 25′ power cord and waterway 5′)
  • Garden hose that reaches pool location
  • Both filters are installed about 5′ from the pool wall but can be extended for a fee
  • See FAQ’s


Delivery Information:

Free delivery within 50 miles of our Leander warehouse. Depending on location and tank size we charge between $2-$2.75 per mile over the included 50.

Averages by city for a 10′ pool delivery:

  • San Antonio ~$125
  • Houston ~$275
  • Dallas & Fort Worth ~$300


Filter Options:

Included – Intex 12″ sand filter w/ glass media  – Our first off-grid setup in 2017 featured this pump. We have offered this filter on and off since the beginning and it has exceeded our expectations.

What We Like:

  • 2 year motor warranty that also covers the timer and gfci
  • Lower height staying below the galvanized pool wall height
  • 25′ power cord
  • Built in gfci and timer
  • Repairs require minimal tools
  • Easiest freeze protection
  • Has survived extreme Texas freezes with proper prep
  • Proven customer service
  • Best suited for those not intending to heat over 100 degrees


Optional – Waterway TWM 30S sand filter w/ glass media (+$250) – We began using this pump as we loved that it is made in the USA and spa-rated.

What We Like:

  • 1 year motor warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Rated to spa temperatures (up to 104)
  • Has survived extreme Texas freezes with proper prep
  • Best suited for regular hot tub use over 100 degrees

*The mentioned warranties from both of the manufactures do not include freeze damage. Intex warranty claims ship directly to the customer and can be DIY installations requiring minimal tools. We provide videos to assist and are always available for questions. Waterway repairs are best completed by our team and will require a service call charge.


Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment:

***Hydrogen peroxide is not an FDA approved treatment method. There are pros and cons to all treatment methods and it is for each pool owner to decide what works best for your setup***

We recommend researching hydrogen peroxide as a possible alternative to chlorine. We decided to try H2O2 and have enjoyed it for over 5 years. It is healthy for people and pets as well as grass, plants, and trees when you drain. It can be maintained between 50-70 ppm with test strips but does need some sunlight to be most effective. Hotter water temperatures and/or too much sunlight can cause quick dissipation. Let us know in the order notes if you are wanting to add the $55 kit (1 gallon 27% hydrogen peroxide, 100 test strips, & measuring cup) to your order. If you try the H2O2 and don’t have success, chlorine can be substituted after a short dilution period.


Tank Info:

Our tanks are stored in warehouses to ensure they remain clean and dry before arriving to your space. While the chance of leak is rare, we will repair or replace any tanks that show one upon filling. All galvanized stock tanks come with minor dents, scuffs, and scratches but getting them directly helps to minimize imperfections. We use artificial turf to avoid any damage when receiving, storing, and transporting.

All Hastings tanks can be +/- 6″ from the stated size.

From Hastings “The Black Label stock tank has been the industry standard for decades. It is one of the few tanks on the market still made out of all 20GA, G90 steel. We know that producers need reliable, long term infrastructure and that cheap won’t cut it. Other manufacturers use cheaper materials and avoid talking about their warranties on stock tanks, but we are proud to promote our industry leading 5 year warranty on our Black Label tanks. Other features include: 4-ply lock seams with contained sealant for maximum leak protection, .875″ steel pipe rolled into the top of each tank to create a crush proof rim.

The warranty mentioned above is void if you choose to turn the tank into a pool. We chose to leave it in the description in case of alternative use not involving modification or sanitizers. Also, to speak to the quality of their tanks as no other manufacturers have a similar offering.


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