Stock Tank Hot Tub Heater 10% Deposit




We offer Camplux propane heater installation and tie in with your waterway sand filter.

For full hot tub purchase and same day installation, add one of these heaters to your cart with your pool deposit.



  • Camplux 10L or 20L pro mounted on your home, fence, sturdy post, or hand truck (see below)
  • Polyurethane hot water safe hoses from the heater to the pool
  • Stainless steel heater return fitting with ball valve
  • Lead-free brass heater fittings
  • 20lb Propane tank
  • 10l comes with rain cap
  • Can be mounted 10′ from the pump and pool (Let us know if you would like it mounted further away)
  • Documents and videos to assist with heater operation, backwashing, and answer common questions.
  • Direct contact information to assist with any questions or needs.


10L (2.64 gpm) – $845

20L Home Pro Grey or White (5.28 gpm) – $1275


Add the 10L or 20L deposit with your pool deposit for same day installation.

10% deposit to reserve. Refundable up to two weeks before delivery minus 5% to cover non refundable credit card fees.

$15 cash, check, or zelle discount on final invoice post installation

*Scheduled on the same day as your pool installation. There is an installation charge depending on mileage if purchased at a later date. Contact us for more information.*


The temperature of the heated water greatly depends on the size of the pool and outdoor temperature. Solar and pool covers can help a lot as well. Larger round pools (9′ – 11′) will be difficult to get to hot tub temperatures unless it is warm outside. The new 20L heater is more powerful and recommended on all our hot tubs but especially 9-11′. Contact us if you have any questions!

The effects of chlorine are stronger in heated water so we recommend researching hydrogen peroxide as an alternative. It is healthy for people and pets as well as grass, plants, and trees when you drain. It is easy to maintain between 50-70ppm with test strips.

Propane delivery to the Austin area for lower prices than stores. Refills/exchanges are $16-$20 delivered. Contact us for more information and a discount on your first delivery.

The Camplux heater can be mounted on a hand truck for portability if preferred. We use an aluminum hand truck with solid rubber tires and a long nose plate for easy propane can transporting. Let us know if you would like to learn more about this.


*The camplux propane heaters are not intended for this use.  They are one of the most popular stock tank heating methods, but the intended uses are: RV camper and home water heating.


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