Aqua Silk Shock Oxidizer


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We have enjoyed hydrogen peroxide treatment in our pool for over 4 years. While more maintenance than chlorine, it is healthy for your skin and doesn’t harm gut bacteria if accidentally swallowed. H2O2 is actually produced within our cells as a part of our natural defense system! It is also found naturally in artesian springs as well as hot springs. When draining, water with these levels of h2o2 aerate the soil and is great for trees, plants and grass.


Starter Kit with 1 gallon of 27.5% h2o2, measuring cup, and 100 test strips – $50

4 Gallons h2o2 – $95

These prices are for delivery with your pool. A small delivery fee will be added depending on mileage for any purchases outside of installation date.


What we have learned from personal experience and many customers:

  • Most effective for pools with at least a few hours of direct sun. We have seen some shady spots work as well they just usually require more maintenance.
  • Depending on pool size, 1/4 – 1 cup is added every 2-3 days
  • Dilute the liquid and add away from pool wall
  • Maintained between 50-70 ppm with test strips (Can be 100 ppm for poly pools)


As with chlorine, it is recommended to wear protective glasses and gloves when handling.

We aren’t making any claims, just sharing what has worked for our family and others. Do your research! Your treatment method is up to you.